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Men, Sex and Relationships - A day workshop with Geoff Lamb

DATE: 24th March
LOCATION: Tobias School of Art and Therapy, Coombe Hill Road, East Grinstead RH19 4LZ
PRICE: £60

As a psychosexual and relationship therapist, I'm noticing that I'm saying similar things to the male halves of many of the couples I’m working with - about not trying to fix things, being not doing, allowing oneself to be vulnerable and confused, and asking for what they need freely and openly. I would like to start a group whose object is to support men in relating to the feminine, both in their partners and, most importantly, in themselves whilst at the same time acknowledging and celebrating their masculinity.

Getting the relationship we want, or getting what we want in our relationship, is difficult for many of us, even though we are perceived to have, and in many ways do still have, more power than women in society. This perceived sense of entitlement doesn’t seem to serve us on our relationships where, for the most part, we can no longer coerce or manipulate the women in our lives. This isn’t to say that coercion and manipulation no longer happen in relationships. They are probably found, to some extent, in most relationships, but in my work, I find that they’re becoming increasingly ineffective, both because women are now more aware of their own power and also because they don’t actually deliver the fulfillment they seem to offer to us as men.
I’m starting this group as a supportive symposium for men to explore what they want from relationships in the 21st century and, by allowing themselves to feel their vulnerability in conjunction with their power, which I would argue is inevitable when we openly ask for what we want, to find ways of getting and maintaining the relationships they want.

I'm going to start with an opening workshop on 24th March, part of whose function is to decide the kind of group we want to be/become. I envisage something regular – once a month perhaps, but this will depend on peoples’ commitment/availability. I’m pricing the group competitively in order to be inclusive and also because of my commitment to this work. However, if money is an issue which is stopping you signing up, contact me and we’ll see what we can arrange.

Integrative Relational Supervision Group

12th November 2017, The Spring Room Forest Row Community Centre

I’m calling this an Integrative Relational Supervision Group because the model I work with is integrative and there will be an emphasis on the relationship between the supervisees and their clients. ‘Relational’ sometimes means that the supervision focus on the relationship between the supervisee and supervisor. Although we will be mindful of this, the client/counsellor relationship will be our main focus.

This initial meeting is designed to offer participants the opportunity to explore what support they might need in their therapeutic work, particularly in their relationships with their clients, and how they might want to use a group like this in order to feel supported.

It is then my intention to offer a series of supervision groups, the frequency etc of which will be decided at this initial meeting.

For full details, please view brochure:

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